Input distribution devices (IDD)

Electrical equipment used to receive and distribute electricity to consumers is called an input-distribution device. The main advantage of IDD is considered to be their technical equipment, aimed at protecting the user from the threat of short circuit, overload in the network, and therefore ensuring the operability of equipment operating from electricity.

The input distribution device (IDD) is mounted in one number, it is designed for an individual consumer (for example, a residential building, a small production building). On the other hand, due to the abundance of modern solutions, it is possible to perform complex tasks for large-scale use.

Switchboards operate with a voltage of 220-380 V in AC conditions and a standard frequency of 50 Hz with mandatory grounding.

Application features

Distribution  switchboards are used in various fields of human activity. Installation of equipment is allowed on the territory of specially designated premises:

  • public type;

  • near residential buildings for the purpose of distribution and protection in the transmission of current;

  • production type of any scale.

Before purchasing the distributing devices, experts recommend to take into account the parameters of power consumption, as well as a number of requirements for accounting and control equipment of the input-distribution equipment. Special conditions are also taken into account by the client, if  there any. Then the project documentation is compiled, further equipment delivery is carried out on special equipment. Also important is experience of installers.

IDD contsruction: types, design features

From the outside, the IDD is a box of steel closed on all sides. Here are installed control and accounting automatic appliances, designed to work with a specific object and consumer. The equipment can be multi-panel or multi-compartment, where each section performs its tasks.

The introductory switchgear is mounted in specially designated areas where the entry of unauthorized persons is excluded. Depending on the version, the boxes with the devices are mounted to the wall or mounted on the floor.

According to the established standards, a correctly connected VRU device is designed for high rates of shock current in case of a short circuit up to 50 kA. Installation is carried out according to the electrical circuit attached to the equipment.

Distribution devices IDD in the company Vital

Switchgear 0.4 kV, as well as other electrical equipment, is represented in our company Vital. Thanks to many years of experience in the Ukrainian market, we are ready to guarantee the proper operation of the equipment, and if necessary we will provide a full service.

How to choose the boards of accounting and distribution of electricity, what will be the conditions of delivery and the calculation of suitable equipment - our experts are ready to answer these and other questions.