AIR for generators

Device for automatic switching to backup power
Automatic input reserve for two inputs from the network and one from the diesel generator set, with sectioning. The device is made on a circuit breaker 250A with a motorized drive. The degree of dust and moisture protection is ІР54, the climatic modification is UHL3.
Uninterrupted power supply to consumers, regardless of the parameters of the mains supply and in the event of a power failure.
Application area:
AVR cabinets are used at public, residential, industrial facilities in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply.
Functions performed:

  • input switching;
  • input priority;
  • network voltage quality control;

a) increase or decrease in voltage;
b) loss of voltage at the input or on the same phase;
c) phase rotation;
d) switching delay;
input protection;

  • measurement of mains voltage;
  • optical signaling of the presence of voltage and operating input;
  • manual input switching;
  • electrical and mechanical interlocking of power contacts;

Useful information:

In order to avoid transients associated with a short delay in switching motorized drives or magnetic starters, as well as providing power to consumers of important groups (telecommunications equipment, computers, etc.), they are used by uninterruptible power supplies - UPS.

Automatic transfer systems

We can buy various types of AVR devices, which are used to restore power due to the automatic inclusion of an additional source of electricity. Installation of automatic input reserve is advisable at sites with the probability of de-energizing the main source. Through the use of AVR for the generator, the backup equipment automatically switches on in the event of a temporary absence of voltage in the electrical network.

Automatic input of a reserve is made and established on objects which belong to the first category of power supply. We want to note that the price of AVR from the Vital group of companies is the most affordable in Ukraine. Electric power is supplied to these devices from two independent and mutually redundant power supplies. In the event of a power failure of one source, the gap in the consumer's power supply should be minimal — this is the moment when automatic switching to backup supply occurs. Receiving additional power for automatic reserve input may occur from a third independent, mutually redundant source. In this case, are used:
rechargeable batteries;

special diesel power plants;

uninterruptible power supply units, etc.

AVR cabinet and its purpose

The AVR case is suitable for installation on various types of objects: public, residential, household and industrial buildings with one-sided type of service. Its main purpose is to provide a constant supply of electricity. Devices have a long nominal mode of operation.

The offered AVR systems differ in ease in use, simple and reliable designs. You can connect to them a variety of models of electric generators. They are designed to meet modern requirements for this type of equipment. The devices are also suitable for systems installed in our homes. Thanks to this equipment can withstand a variety of loads. It starts and stops in the minimum amount of time, so even frequent outages will become almost imperceptible.
You can get quality AVR from us, the price of which is directly related to their configuration. Products sold by us pass the necessary various tests. Their quality remains consistently high. This ensures fault tolerance, reliability and durability of devices. You can place an order for a purchase online on our website or by phone.