Diesel generators (power stations) Perkins

British company Perkins Engines Company Limited is one of the largest engine manufacturers that has existed in the world market for about 90 years. Diesel generators based on the Perkins engine - have a wide range of models, engine capacity from 1.5 to 61 liters. Due to a large selection of capacities, Perkins diesel power plants are successfully operated in Ukraine on the territory of industrial enterprises, agricultural facilities, in construction or other commercial areas

General specifications

Perkins diesel engine with liquid cooling and generators of contactless type. Due to this, the equipment does not overheat and produces a stable current in all conditions of operation: at autonomous inclusion, as a reserve power source, as well as at permanent, systematic usage.

The diesel generator based on the Perkins engine is designed for operation in two- or three-phase networks with a voltage of 230 and 400 volts respectively. The units show stability in the temperature range from -25C ° to + 35C °. If the startup is carried out at the minimum ambient temperature, it is possible to buy additional heaters that will warm the oil in the crankcase. It is proposed to expand the complexity of the Perkins DGS with the fuel tank heater, all-weather noise-canceling hood and other options.

Technical options:

  • open module (manual or automatic control);

  • installation with all-weather noise-canceling hood (manual or automatic control);

  • mobile performance (trailer);

  • stationary DGS in a container.

Nominal power generators range from 20-1020 kVA.

Any station can be equipped with AVR equipment.

Advantages of Perkins DPS

Stations are ideal for continuous operation at large facilities. If you choose equipment for a plant or factory with a high capacity and constant need of  station work, we recommend you to pay attention to Perkins. Among the main advantages are:

  • high load capacity;

  • a large selection of capacities;

  • economic fuel consumption;

  • availability of consumables;

  • compliance with international standards of quality and safety.

Company Vital offers not only to buy in Ukraine diesel engines based on the engine of Perkins, but also to use  range of services we provide:

At any convenient time you can specify information on the technical staffing of generators with automatic or manual control, features of the service offered by our company, as well as other nuances from experienced Vital specialists.

Specialists will offer you the prompt delivery of equipment - for these purposes, the company has all the necessary handling equipment and a large fleet of vehicles.

For the organization of stable operation diesel power stations are provided with service.

We offer a wide range of equipment for design capacity. Power plants are collected at the Italian plant Green Power, complete control panel from Czech manufacturer ComAp, guaranteeing high European quality of installations.