Transformer substations

A transformer substation is an electrical installation used to receive and change the voltage in a network with variable current supply. Also, the equipment performs the tasks of distribution and redistribution of electrical energy in the general electrical supply system.

Types of modern equipment

The transformer vault is delivered in an anti-vandal metal protective case with external and internal paintwork. Depending on the intended purpose, users can be offered a deep input device with the ability to work at voltages from 6 to 110 kW, as well as:

  • equipment working to raise (traction) or lowering;

  • devices designed for operation in production conditions (industrial);

  • substations designed to work in urban environments of standard consumption (for urban networks).

If the facility requires a transformer substation, the price of the equipment will vary depending on the goals pursued and the type of installation. Therefore, dead-end, mast, concrete, walk-through and pillar installations with a warranty period of 2 years are also offered for different objects.

Substations are classified between themselves and by the type of voltage conversion in the network: down and up.

  • The latter are installed at power plants and can increase the resulting voltage from the generators to 1 or more values ​​in order to ensure stable transmission of electricity further along power lines.

  • Downgrades translate received directions to lower ones for secondary consumption.

Depending on the size of the received voltage and its type (secondary or primary), the transformer substation may be local, district, main / main. The essence of the work of the substation at different levels is as follows: complete transformers take energy from power lines and transmit it to the substation, and then to the consumer. Lowering, in turn, can transfer energy to the shop or local substations with a voltage drop of up to 1-3 phases of 0.4 kV and further current distribution among consumers.

Selection and installation of transformer substations

When it is planned at the facility that a transformer substation is going to be installed, you need to buy equipment taking into account certain features:

  • it is necessary to prepare in advance the room / facility where the substation will be located, so as to ensure safe and timely service, access if necessary;

  • during repair work, there should be no interference from neighboring circuits that are energized;

  • the supporting structures of the installation and its installation must be reliable, excluding the limitation of the area for the work of a specialist;

  • The booth should be installed in such a way as to prevent unauthorized access.

Where to buy a transformer substation

Since transformer substations are complex electrical equipment, they are developed and manufactured under special manufacturing conditions. In this regard, the device should be purchased in organizations with the appropriate direction of activity.

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