Kohler diesel generators (power stations)

Kohler is a large company that was created in 1920. This is an American manufacturer of engines with a high service life. Kohler's diesel generators are particularly popular among private and commercial owners as reliable sources of primary or backup power. Kohler is an engine that can be successfully operated on construction sites, industrial enterprises, agriculture, forestry or communal services

The positive reputation of the brand is confirmed by many years of experience in the use of DSU in hospitals, railway stations, airports and other facilities in Europe, the USA and Ukraine, where it is necessary to provide continuous energy supply.

You can buy the power stations  manufactured at the Italian Green Power plant, with the Kohler engine, in our company. We are the exclusive distributors of Green Power and guarantee the reliability of equipment, European quality and precise selection of models to fit your requirements.

Specifications and features of choice

Diesel Kohler generators are equipped with a liquid cooling system, so that the engine does not overheat during operation, and the stability of the internal combustion diesel engine is achieved. It is known that for the first time the manufacturer began to use the principles of liquid cooling in 1939, not without reason he is considered one of the most experienced in the world market.

Reliability of the DPS is also achieved through the system of direct injection of fuel and turbocharging. Due to protection against overload and high performance, the supply voltage is achieved even at long work.

The high quality of components, careful thought-out of systems and the elimination of fuel waste allowed DEC Kohler to get all the necessary certificates of quality. The equipment is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000

Advantages of DES Kohler

Kohler diesel power station have the following advantages:

  • easy to operate and install;

  • compact size;

  • guarantee a lower level of vibration and noise.

How to buy diesel Kohler generators

To properly select and buy a Kohler diesel power plant in Ukraine, contact Vital's specialists. The main purpose of our work is to solve the customer's problems in the market of electrical equipment. Therefore, you will be able to receive a full range of services: from delivery, to service.

Consult for advice using the contacts contained on this site. We are ready to answer all technical questions and discuss the need for additional equipment:

mobile chassis;

crankcase oil heater;

automatic recharge device and more.

The diesel power plant is equipped with a ComAp control panel, if necessary, it can be equipped with an all-weather noise-canceling hood for outdoor installation. We are also ready to provide a set of consumables.

For each partner, we offer comprehensive services: if necessary, provide a set of consumables, provide delivery and any subsequent maintenance. A large fleet of vehicles, technical equipment and qualified specialists allow us to serve as private houses as well as large-scale industrial objects with the same effectivency.






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Модель ДГУ Мощность Номинальная, кВА Мощность Номинальная, кВт Мощность Резервная, кВА Мощность Резервная, кВт Расход топлива Вес открытого
GP66 62.00 49.60 68.00 54.40 11.50 1000кг
GP44 42.00 33.60 46.00 36.80 7.60 850кг
GP33 30.00 24.00 33.00 26.40 6.00 800кг
GP30 26.00 20.80 28.60 22.90 4.80 590кг
GP22 20.00 16.00 22.00 20.00 4.80 580кг
GP18 15.00 12.00 16.50 13.20 3.60 470кг
GP11 10.00 8.00 11.00 8.80 2.90 380кг
GP9 8.00 6.50 8.80 7.10 1.90 350кг