Production of electrical panels equipment

The production of electrical panels equipment is a narrow profile, requiring special skills, knowledge, special production conditions and experience in the field of electrical engineering. The company Vital (Kiev) carries out electropanel board production not the first year, guaranteeing to the clients:

  • individual approach;

  • guarantee of stable work;

  • service maintenance;

  • affordable prices and transparency of cooperation.

What tasks does high-quality electrical panels equipment

The manufacture of panel equipment is an important trend in modern society. High-quality equipment can solve the following problems:

  • constant accounting of the amount of energy used;

  • correct distribution of power supply and supply voltage of the consumer;

  • protection of cable and connected devices / equipment against short circuits, overloads, interference and other failures.

In addition, the production of panel equipment is directed at maximum ease of operation and the possibility of organizing both automatic and manual control / switching of power between the individual sections. That is why the manufacturers of switchboard equipment direct their knowledge and capabilities towards uptime and safety for others. The vital successfully implements these goals, and therefore has an impeccable reputation in the domestic market.

Production of electric panels by Vital company

The main advantage of our company supplying switchboard equipment - production is not the ultimate goal of the team. Our experts work in a clear and simple way:

  • First of all, the features of the object, the capabilities and requirements of the customer are taken into account.

  • Documentation and design solutions (schemes) are being developed in accordance with the conditions (parameters) of the customer on the basis of the terms of reference.

  • Delivery, installation of the device is carried out. In the process, we use only high-quality components, which allows us to guarantee the reliability of shields.

  • The assembly of panel equipment in Kiev is accompanied by the conclusion of a contract (including service maintenance), passports and technical accompanying documentation are presented.

Why you should contact our company

Vital has been working on the Ukrainian market for more than 12 years. During this time we have managed to earn the reputation of a reliable partner, a responsible executor and an experienced maintainer in matters relating to the development and operation of electrical installations. Specializing in such a direction as the manufacture of panel equipment according to individual schemes, we, in the face of a team of qualified engineers and specialized specialists:

We offer a guarantee for all work performed;

ready to arrive at the installation site at any time to provide technical support;

We are constantly working on expanding our own technical base.

Contact us now, using the contacts listed in this section of our website, or ask questions.