Diesel generator set


Generator VOLVO
            from 95 to 700  кВА



Generator FPT-IVECO
            from 33 to 550 кВА



Generator KOHLER
            from 6 to 68 кВА



Generator PERKINS
            from 20 to 1020 кВа



Generator DHI
            from 33 to 400 кВа


Generator DAEWOO
            from 10 to 2300 кВа


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Diesel generator set (DGS), consists of an internal combustion engine and an electric current generator. The diesel engine converts the chemical energy of the fuel into a mechanical one. The generator, in turn, converts the mechanical energy of the engine into an electric motor. Power electric parts and automatics provide transmission of electric energy to the consumer and the function of automatic start.

DGS is used as a stand-alone power source, which is included in the work in cases where there is no network. In this way, the diesel generator provides a backup energy supply.

DGSs are used as autonomous power sources, including in the work where there is no network. In this way, the diesel power plant provides a backup energy supply.

Types of power stations DES and features of choice

You can buy diesel generator of two types :

High-revolving It operates at a frequency of 3000 rpm (6-30 kVa)

Low-turning It operates at a frequency of 1500 rpm (6-2500 kVA)

It is considered  that low-revolving devices are more durable due to lower piston speed. Diesel generator of this type has a higher efficiency and lower specific fuel consumption.

Generators at 3000 rpm are portable or mobile devices. Generators of this type are not intended for long autonomous work. With the same power, they have smaller dimensions and weight than devices at 1500 rpm.

When selecting equipment, it is also important to consider whether the generator is synchronous or asynchronous. The purchase of a synchronous diesel generator makes sense for the organization of power supply in emergency situations on the territory of private property or commercial buildings of small areas (for example, offices). They are relevant in the presence of equipment and machinery, which fully operates regardless of the quality of electricity produced.

The use of DGSs is divided into classes based on ISO 8528:

  • G1 When important factors for the consumer are the main characteristics of voltage and frequency.

For example - systems of general application (lighting and other simple electric loads).

  • G2 - this class is designed for consumers, in which the requirements for voltage characteristics of electric aggregates correspond to the characteristics of the voltage supply systems of commercial enterprises. When switching loads, temporary deviations of voltage and frequency are allowed.

Example - Lighting systems: pumps, fans and elevators.

  • G3 When the consumer needs to meet stringent requirements (characteristics: voltage, frequency, shape of the voltage curve).

Example - Remote communication and control systems.

  • G4 - this class is designed for consumers who impose rigid requirements on the characteristics of voltage, frequency and shape of the voltage curve.

Example - Data processing systems or computing systems.

What indicators should be taken into account

  • Power. It is considered a decisive factor when choosing. To determine this figure, it is necessary to sum up the power of all electric devices, functioning of which will be provided by the generator. Then it is necessary to take into account the coefficient of simultaneity of work and add to the received indicator reserve of 15-20%. The most "comfortable" for the DGS is a range of capacities of 30-70%.

  • The presence of automation. It is necessary to predict in advance whether the auto-start function is required. If so, then the price will be higher than the equipment without automation.

  • Number of phases. If you are considering diesel generators for home, dacha, etc. conditions close to domestic, buy a one-phase generator. Three-phase installations are used in production conditions, where the equipment, which requires a voltage of 380 V.

  • Producer. Before you buy a diesel generator in Ukraine, you need to pre-examine the features of the engine from different manufacturers and analyze the technical data.

Features of operation

When choosing a generator it is necessary to provide conditions for its operation. If the equipment will always be on the street, DGS should be purchased in an all-weather soundproof hood. If the electric generator is located indoors, our experts will help to create and certify all additional systems:

  • inflow-exhaust ventilation;

  • exhaust gas drainage;

  • Noise isolation of the room;

  • presence of ground loop;

In order to keep the equipment in operation without affecting the comfort of a person's stay, it is necessary to take into account the noise level beforehand. Of great importance are the weight and dimensions of the station, the way of cooling, the amount of fuel consumed, the conditions and time of overload, etc. All indicators are indicated in the passport to the diesel generator, they can be studied and before its purchase. All data is also reflected in the cards - PDF files on the pages of engine manufacturers.

Where to buy a diesel generator in Ukraine

Our company Vital offers to buy a diesel generator for home or industrial use. We have been working on the Ukrainian market for many years, being the exclusive distributor of the Green Power plant (Italy) and working with other well-known European manufacturers.

We offer to buy a diesel generator in Kiev on favorable terms with delivery and various technical characteristics:

capacity 6-2500 kVA;

conforming to the standards BS5514, ISO3046, ISO8528 DIN6271;

Vital company will offer you affordable prices for DES and servicing of aggregates. You can ask your questions online or over the telephone specified on the site.