Diesel generators (power station) Green Power Generators

The diesel power plants Green Power System (Italy) are developed in an innovative production environment, undergo a series of tests and therefore meet stringent international quality standards. Diesel Generators Green Power System are presented in a wide range of models from 1 to 2200 kVA, used as a stand-alone or stand-alone power supply for various purposes.

Our company has been operating in the market for more than 12 years and is an exclusive distributor of Green Power in Ukraine. Therefore, by ordering the equipment from us, you can be sure of its originality and count on a full service from our experts.


Modern DPS Green Power System have a wide range of applications:

on the territories of industrial objects;

in private homes;

on construction sites;

in agricultural enterprises;

in companies that represent small and medium business.

The wide spectrum of use of diesel power plants is due to the fact that developers emphasize operation in the most extreme conditions, and this is especially relevant for the Ukrainian market.

Features and Benefits

The reputation of Green Power System is due to the presence of a number of advantages that distinguish the equipment of the brand from analogues of other manufacturers. First of all, it should be noted the environmental friendliness of generators, it is no coincidence that their work was positively evaluated by representatives of the "European Environmental Agency". Also a diesel generator of Green Power of any capacity and complete set:

guarantees low noise level;

easy to operate;

available additional equipment ABP;

in the care and management does not require special knowledge and experience;

the equipment received certificates of quality management of the standard ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004;

A wide range of options is available.

Managers of enterprises and owners of private properties are offered to buy DES Green Power, working on diesel fuel.

Where to buy diesel generators Green Power

You can order reliable Italian DPS from the plant Green Power System in Ukraine in our company Vital. We offer a wide range of capacities, a set of additional features, depending on your tasks.

Ask questions about the technical characteristics and selection of stations for our managers by telephone, which is indicated at the top of the page of this section. If necessary, we will also provide delivery, installation and after-sales service.