Input Distribution Boards

To efficiently organize the input and distribution process of electrical energy between consumers, it is necessary to install an input-distribution panel. The equipment is designed to work in a three-or single-phase network, and is also used to protect connected devices from overvoltage, short circuits and other force majeure factors. In this regard, an input-distribution cabinet is recommended to be installed in production and information departments, large offices, etc. objects where the equipment of varying complexity functions on a continuous basis.


Versions in which the cabinet is introduced are input-distribution, are different. Currently available for the buyer:

  • models with manual activation of inputs;
  • equipment with automatic switching;
  • cabinets without auto off / on inputs.

In addition, the devices are attractive possibility of retrofitting various technical functions. For example, the majority of models provide for the connection of not only one, but also additional supply inputs of a common network, a diesel power station. Thus, the main switchboard allows you to protect and direct the energy even in the absence of a common, when operating an autonomous power source.

In order to provide for the occurrence of emergency situations, special switching panels are installed in the input and distribution panel in order to receive emergency lighting powered by a battery, the voltage of which can vary from 24-60 V.

In order to ensure rational monitoring of the network status and to be able to quickly evaluate the operation of the distribution cabinet, it is also possible to additionally introduce an automated system for remote monitoring into the equipment structure. For convenience, the electrical circuit of the cabinet can be developed in accordance with the peculiarities of the company / production and customer requirements.


The dimensions of the input-distribution cabinet depend on the preferred electrical circuit, the number of nominal inputs and the future possibilities of the customer. In any case, equipment maintenance is carried out from its front side. In general, the device has the shape of a cabinet, the reverse side of which is closed and protected from the external environment by a steel case, covered with powder paint. In some cases, you can purchase cabinets in a special protective case designed for outdoor use. For user convenience, the number of cabinet modules can vary from 4 to 30 and more. However, the installation of boards can be not only outdoor, but also multi-modular wall, the choice is based on the preferences of the customer and technical capabilities.

The modern input distributing device is issued with degree of protection IP 31, 44, 51. The warranty period of work at observance of safety measures and operation makes not less than 20 years.


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